Sump Tank & Pipe Kit

Prime Aquariums Tropical Sump Tank with SocksAquarium pipe kit assembedMarine aquarium with sump tank 2Marine aquarium with sump tank

For Pipe Kit Assembly Instructions download.

Sump Tanks

All Premium Aquatics marine setups with cabinets come with a Sump Tank and sheet of polystyrene inside the cabinet. Our Standard (Marine) Sump Tank is designed to safely manage water overflow during power outages or other electrical disturbances. They are manufactured with 6mm glass thickness, are 18″ (46cm) high and have 3 to 4 sections:

1. Skimmer and Sock Section
2. Refugium
3. Pump
4. Top Up Section.

We are offering custom design Tropical Sump Tanks with installed sock holders. This option is a much better choice compared to external canister filter because Tropical Sump Tank would have more media and it makes sense to have 1 tropical setup sump compared to 2 or 3 external filters because you will need to service only 1 sump tank. Also, you would be getting much better water quality with sump tank setup.

For more info on aquarium cabinets and finishes please see:  Cabinet Designs & Colours

The Marine or Tropical Sump Tank Baffles can be custom-built according to your requirements. For this, we ask you to provide drawings with measurements. The Sump Tank glass covers and top up section are optional extras.

All our Sump Tanks are big enough to house most protein skimmers, return pumps and filter socks and come with a 3 Year No Leak Guarantee! See our Aquarium Prices.

Pipe kits

Prime Aquariums standard Marine Tanks have three drilled holes in each weir (overflow) box. We use a Durso plumbing system as our standard design, for 55mm holes we are using 40mm diameter pipes, for 34mm holes we use 25mm pipes and for 45mm holes we are using 34mm diameter pipes. The three-hole pipe system guarantees secure water flow and keeps any pipe noise down to a minimum. In the case of overflow or clogging, a second emergency pipe will take over to maintain water circulation.

The pipe kit includes: bulkheads (connectors), fittings, valves, elbows, glue and a flex hose. The pump is connected to the pipe kit with a flex hose to reduce vibrations. Refer to the images above to see how the pipe kit comes together.

The downward pipes, that sit inside the weir and go through bulkheads (connectors), do NOT have to be glued together with bulkheads. This allows for easy adjustments or cleaning. The rest of the pipe kit, however; including, elbows, reducers and T-Pipes, must be glued together to avoid any leakage. Please make sure you close the glue while assembling the pipe kit otherwise it will get hard.

For improved filtration, we do recommend getting 2 Sump Tank filter socks (1 for rotation) with a plastic holder to catch the waste going down to the Sump.

Click here to download Pipe Kit Assembly Instructions.