Marine Aquariums

Marine Aquariums 72x24x24 in High Gloss Acrylic finish (5)Marine 96x30x24 Tank with Modern CabinetMarine Aquariums 60"x24"x24" Modern Cabinet in Swiss Krono FinishMarine Aquarium 36x30x24 with Metal Framed cabinetMarine Aquarium 96x30x24 Modern Cabinet Design in White Ash

Premium Aquatics offers high-quality custom built Marine Aquariums in Modern (without door handles) design available in Matte, High Gloss or Swiss Krono and a wide variety of colours!

Marine Reef Aquarium with Optiwhite glass 90″x24″x18″ inches in HIGH GLOSS GREY & SUMP in STOCK!!!


90x24x18 inch LxHxW Marine Tank with Cabinet & Hood
• clear silicone
• Sliding cover glasses
• 1 Weir ( Centre) BLACK
• 3 Holes drilled (inlet 1x34mm & outlet 2x55mm)
• Glass thickness 10mm
• Machine polished glass edges
• Access holes for hoses & wires
• Sheet of polystyrene
• 3 Year no-leak guarantee
• Cabinet design: Modern in HIGH GLOSS GREY
• Sump tank 50″x18″x12″ inches LxHxW
• Hood (Flat with 3 hinged flaps)
• Back of cabinet & hood has holes for hoses, wires & air

TANK with CABINET & HOOD in: HIGH GLOSS finish £1875

***** FREE PIPE KIT worth £119 *****

****** FREE DELIVERY *****

Aquarium 96x30x24 in High Gloss Acrylic finish

All of our made-to-measure Marine Aquariums are manufactured here in the UK with machine-polished glass edges and are sold with a 3 Year No Leak Guarantee! All fish tank variations are free of charge: clear or black silicone, Modern cupboard, weir (overflow) position (left, right or centre). For larger tanks, we recommend adding Full Metal Frame cladded in your favored cabinet finish and colour. If your desired fish tank is too big to fit through the door we can offer On-Site Built Service. We also offer all aquarium equipment to set up your dream tank.

Please check our Marine Aquarium Prices. 

Our Bespoke Marine Aquariums cupboards will be delivered to you fully assembled with an installed sump tank. The internal Marine cabinet height is 30” (76cm) and external height is 34″ (86cm), the entire aquarium with cupboard and closed hood is measured at 62” (157cm) with a 24″ (61cm) height tank.

For more information about aquarium cabinets and all finishes available, please see:
Cabinet Designs & Colours.

Standard Marine Aquarium Sump Tank is manufactured using 6mm thick glass and clear silicone. There are three sections in our marine sump tanks with a top-up at the end and a black masking band on the top. We can also build a custom sump tank or Tropical sump tank that fits your requirements. To see more information about the sump tanks and connected plumbing kits please see  Sump Tank & Pipe Kit.

Please note that the smallest Custom Size tanks we make are 39″ (100cm).

Standard Marine TANK ONLY comes with:
– Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear glass (standard glass)
– Double glass thickness base on tanks higher or wider than 24″ (61cm) or longer 2 meters
– Machine polished glass edges
– Top inner glass bracings
– Access holes for pipes and wires
– Black or clear silicone
– Top black masking band
– Weir(s)(overflow box) with 3 drilled holes
– Long combs
– Sheet of polystyrene (under tank mat)
– 3 Year No Leak Guarantee!
*Free Delivery – see map here (Terms & Conditions apply)

Marine Tank Optional Extras:
– Sliding glass covers (condensation glasses)
– Black or blue tank background
– Pilkington Optiwhite™ high light transmission, low iron glass on front and sides
– Weir(s) covered in Blue or Black plastic
– Full pipe kit to the sump tank (all valves, elbows, bulkheads and glue included)
– Extra hole drilling  (diameters: 28mm, 30mm, 34mm, 43mm, 45mm, 52mm, 55mm, 64mm)

Standard Marine Aquariums with CABINET and HOOD comes with:
– Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear glass (standard glass)
– Double glass thickness base on tanks higher or wider than 24″ (61cm) or longer 2 meters
– Machine polished glass edges
– Inner top glass braces
– Access holes for pipes and wires
– Black or clear silicone
– Weir(s)(overflow box) with 3 drilled holes
– Weir combs
– Sliding glass covers (condensation covers)
– Sheet of polystyrene (under tank mat)
– Cabinet with an inner height of 30″ (76cm) with a variety of colours and finishes
– Sump tank with a top-up section inside the cabinet
– Flat closed hinged hood or open-top pelmet (just a wood trim around the top of the tank)
– Cabinet and hood back panel has access for pipe kit, equipment and air ventilation
– All of our cabinet and hood inner joints are sealed from the inside with clear silicone
3 Year No Leak Guarantee!
*Free Delivery – see map here (Terms & Conditions apply)

Marine Aquariums with Cabinet and Hood Optional Extras: 
– Tank background in blue or black
–  Pilkington Optiwhite™ high light transmission, low iron glass on front and sides
– Weir (overflow box) covered in blue or black plastic
– Sump tank glass covers (condensation glasses)
– Sump tank modification / additional dividers
– Full pipe kit for the sump tank (valves, elbows, bulkheads and glue included)
– Extra hole drilling (diameters: 28mm, 30mm, 34mm, 43mm, 45mm, 52mm, 55mm, 64mm)
– Equipment (LED lights, skimmers, return pumps, wavemakers, heaters)
– Cabinet with Full Inner Metal Frame (powder coated) with adjustable metal feet
Metal Platform under the cabinet with adjustable metal feet

Please note that most likely your new marine aquarium will be delivered with silicone still curing and you might be required to wait a few days before putting the water in. For the water fill-in date please check a sticker on the tank upon delivery.

Please check our Marine Aquarium Prices.  

The current aquarium manufacturing lead time is about 9 weeks.