Cabinet Designs & Colors

Tropical Aquarium 48x30x24 MODERN Design in Concrete StromboliTurtle tank 48x24x24 MODERN cabinet design in White Ash colourMarine High Gloss Cabinet DesignsTropical High Gloss Cabinet DesignsTropical ROOM DIVIDER / PENINSULA tank 96x30x24 in Stone GreyAquarium cabinet with drawer & wine rackModern Cabinet Designs Hood 4Ft SizeOpen Top Pelmet Cabinet DesignsFull Metal Frame with Adjustable FeetMetal Platform LargeBack of aquarium cabinetStandard Finish ColoursSwiss Krono CollectionHigh Gloss Finish ColoursPilkington Optiwhite vs Optifloat (Standard) Glass

Premium Aquatics has a strong and solid cabinet design available that come in a variety of colours and finishes, which are MatteHigh Gloss and Swiss Krono.

Please contact us for quotes of the variations you are interested in! If you already know which cabinet design you will go for, please check our Aquarium Prices.

Cabinet Designs

Modern Cabinet Design is handleless but has a magnetic push mechanism. The Modern Hood hinged flaps stay inside the frame when closed. The Modern Design hood flaps are completely removable and provide the option of an open-top/pelmet. Our aquarium cabinets can be made with drawer(s) or wine rack or both as per image above.

Hood Options

The Standard Hood is a closed flat design with one hinged flap for tanks up to 48″(122cm) long or two flaps for tanks over 48″ long. Our standard hood has about 3.5” (9cm) gap between sliding glass covers and the inside of the hood.

The Pelmet (open top) is much thinner than the standard Closed Aquarium Hood and it is just a trim around the edge of a tank but it will still hide the waterline and tank brace bars. Pelmet hood will also hide pipes going above cover glasses on aquariums with a sump tank. This type of hood provides a sleek look with a suspended lighting unit, to hang above.

The Turtle Tank Hood is open-top above the basking platform and closed with a hinged flap above water. The open-top above platform provides easy access to clamp dome UV/heat lamp holder and strip light to go under the hood flap.

You are welcome to order separate items- custom size cabinet or custom size hood- if that is all you require for your Aquarium set up! More info on Turtle Tanks. 

Premium Aquatics standard Matte and Swiss Krono Finishes are manufactured from 18mm thick laminated chipboard. The High Gloss finish cupboards are constructed from 20mm thick laminated MDF panels. All cabinet and hood joints are sealed with silicone from the inside to protect against moisture and extend the life of the cabinet. High Gloss finished Cabinets will arrive with a protective film on the surface to ensure long-lasting quality condition. All cupboards are delivered fully constructed and ready to use.

More info on Tropical Aquariums.  

The Standard Tropical Cabinet internal height measurement is 25” (64cm) and external height is 29″ (74cm). The entire Aquarium height with cabinet and the hood is 57” (145cm) with 24” (61cm) height tank and 63” (160cm) with 30” (76cm) height tank.

Standard Marine Cabinet internal height measurement is 30” (76cm) and external height is 34″ (86cm). The total reef aquarium height with cabinet and the hood is 62” (157 cm) with 24” height tank and 68” (173cm) with 30” height tank.

More details on Marine Aquariums

Metal Frame and Metal Platform

Our Tank Stands are reinforced with inner wood supports, where needed, and are calculated to safely support the weight of an Aquarium filled with water, fish and rocks.

We offer rust proof powder coated Inner Metal Frames for your Cabinet, with adjustable feet, or a Metal Platform that goes under the cabinet, with adjustable feet. (see photos above). The Metal Frame would come with top, base and backside wood panels as well as polystyrene with an internal height measurement as 34” (86cm). The benefit of Steel Frame is durable and tough cabinet support for a lifetime. Custom Metal Frame or Steel Platform sizes are available upon request. Please note that Metal Frame orders might take longer to make due to welding and powder coating.

Please check our Aquarium Prices.

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The current aquarium manufacturing lead time is about 9 weeks.