Braceless Tanks

Braceless Tanks are also known as Rimless, Aquariums are manufactured without top support braces.  To compensate for that, a thicker glass must be used to comply with Technical Safety Standards.

Braceless Tanks with suspended lightning units make a stylish addition to your home’s décor. We recommend Pilkington Optiwhite with high light transmission and low iron glass to sharpen the natural colours in the tank. Extra clear Optiwhite glass provides superior clarity and colour of your fish in their habitat. Amazing effect Guaranteed!

For more info on aquarium cabinets and finishes please see:  Cabinet Designs & Colours

Most standard Tropical or Marine Aquariums could be manufactured as Braceless depending on the size. These tanks are designed safely and will include a variety of stylish components that works with any tank size. Please note that due to the increased glass thickness used the cost of the tank might increase significantly depending on size.

If you are looking to order a Braceless Aquarium with a cabinet, please keep in mind that our cabinet will be 2” longer than a tank and will stick out 1” to the front. In other words, the tank will not be flush with the cabinet.

All Braceless Tropical and Reef Fish Tanks come with a 1 Year No Leak Guarantee! Please feel free to contact us for a quote with measurements (length x height x width).

The aquarium manufacturing lead time is about 9 to 12 weeks depending on your location.
Please check our free delivery area map at the bottom of the web page.
Your aquarium would be delivered on a pallet if you are outside our free delivery area (please contact us with a postcode for an estimate).

To place an order please call or drop us an email and we will provide our bank transfer details.

After placing your order we will contact you in advance with an estimated delivery date.

Please note: most likely the tank will arrive with silicone still curring, so please check the use-by date on the sticker.