72X30X24 (183X76X61CM) Marine Aquarium

Marine Aquarium 72x30x24 in High Gloss Black Marine Aquarium 72x30x24 in High Gloss Acrylic finishRoom divider 72x24x18 Modern design in White High GlossMarine Aquarium 96x30x24 Modern Cabinet Design in White AshTropical 96x24x24 Modern Cabinet Design in GraphiteAquarium 96x30x24 in High Gloss Acrylic finish

72x30x24 inch LxHxW (183x76x61cm) Marine Tank with Cabinet & Hood
• Black or clear silicone
• Sliding cover glasses
• 1 Weir (Left, Right or Centre)
• 3 Holes drilled (inlet 1x34mm & outlet 2x55mm)
• Weir combs
• Tank volume 770 litres
• Tank Weight 185Kg
• Glass thickness 12mm
• Machine-polished glass edges
• Access holes for hoses & wires
• Sheet of polystyrene
• 3 Year no-leak guarantee
• Cabinet (30″76cm inner height) design: Modern
• Sump tank 50″x18″x17″(additional 142 litres) with top-up section
• Hood (Open/Pelmet or Flat with 2 hinged flaps)
• Back of the cabinet & hood has holes for hoses, wires & air
• Total aquarium size is 74″Lx61″Hx26″W, (188x156x66cm)
*DELIVERY (please check our delivery area)
STANDARD MATTE finish £1579 
HIGH GLOSS finish £1980 

   Please click to see the cabinet colour selection

• Background in Blue or Black £40
• Weir covered in Blue or Black Plastic £38
• Optiwhite glass front £112
• Optiwhite glass on one side £37
• 3 Hole pipe kit £129
• Sump tank sock 4″ diameter £8
• Plastic sock holder 4″ diameter £12
• Sump tank sock 7″ diameter £10
• Plastic sock holder 7″ diameter £19
• Full metal frame (powder coated) with adjustable feet £725
• Metal platform under cabinet with adjustable feet £299

• 2 x FLUVAL Sea Marine Bluetooth 3.0 LED Light 46W 91-122cm £211 x 2
• 2 x Maxspect RSX 150 LED Light £480 x 2
• EHEIM  Thermocontrol e300 Electronic heater – 300W £34
• TMC REEF-Pump 8000 DC Pump – Flow rate 8000l/h £130
• 2 x TMC Reef-Tide 8000s DC Wavemaker – Flow rate 8000l/h  £109 x 2
• 2 x TMC Reef-Tide 16000s DC Wavemaker – Flow rate 16000l/h £136 x 2
• Bubble Magus Curve A8 DC Protein Skimmer –  Pump Power 18W £226
• Bubble Magus Curve A9 DC Protein Skimmer –  Pump Power 28W £252

The aquarium manufacturing lead time is about 9 weeks depending on your location.
Please check our free delivery area map at the bottom of the web page.
Your aquarium would be delivered on a pallet if you are outside our free delivery area (please contact us with a postcode for an estimate).
To place an order please call us with a card in hand or drop us an email and we will provide our bank transfer details.
After placing your order we will contact you in advance with an estimated delivery date.

Please kindly organise help for unloading and bringing the aquarium inside your property.

Please note: most likely the tank will arrive with silicone still curring, so please check the use-by date on the sticker.