Build on Site Tanks

Built on site aquarium with metal frameBuilt on site aquarium 96x30x36Built on site aquarium 72x24x24Built on site tank 96x24x24 with Graphite cabinetBuilt on site aquarium 96x36x24Build on site tanks

Premium Aquatics provides professional and experienced Build On Site Fish Tank service. Our team builds durable fish tanks that meet the highest safety standards. We would build your aquarium on-site in a few hours while you do your laundry!

For more info on custom-made cabinets and finishes please see Cabinet Designs & Colours.

Build On-Site Aquariums include:
– Pilkington Optifloat™ Clear glass (standard glass)
– Machine-polished glass (from 10mm to 25mm thickness depending on tank size)
– Double or triple-thickness glass base (depending of aquarium size)
– Inner top glass braces
– Access holes for pipes and wires
– Black or Clear silicone
– Sliding glass covers (condensation covers)
– Sheet of polystyrene (under tank mat)
– Weir(s) with drilled holes (for marine setup)
– 3-Year No Leak Guarantee!

Optional Full Setup may include:
– Cabinet and Hood with Full Inner Metal Frame with adjustable feet
– Cabinet and Hood with Metal Platform under the cabinet with adjustable feet
– Full Inner Metal Frame with adjustable feet only (without cladded cabinet)
– Cabinet finishes available: Matte, High Gloss and Swiss Krono
– Custom-size aquarium Sump Tank (Tropical or Marine Baffles)

For high-quality colour and clarity effects, we recommend an upgrade to Pilkington Optiwhite™ – high light transmission, low iron glass. The thicker is the glass the more difference you would see between the standard glass and Optiwhite™ one.

Our team will arrive with all the necessary construction equipment to build the fish tank onsite. We can build on-site any size Tropical or Marine Aquarium, also we can make a metal frame in two pieces for very large tanks so it would get inside those tricky places much easier. Get in touch for more information and we can discuss how we can accommodate your Built on site Aquarium project!

Please note: You are welcome to use your old Aquarium Cabinet or Metal Frame as a part of your new Fish Tank setup. Please check the state of your old stand (ensure it if level) before placing an order. We do recommend using a metal frame or concrete structure as a base for a Build on Site Aquarium.